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ISVCon, the Software Industry Conference, is now opening sponsor registration for the 2013 conference.

May 14th, 2013
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ISVCon2013 Logo (redesigned by Jerry Stern)


ISVCon, the Software Industry Conference,  is now opening sponsor registration for the 2013 conference.

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ISVCon 2013 will once again be held at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno, Nevada.  The Atlantis, a 4-Star hotel, was recently awarded the prestigious 4-Diamond rating.  It has a beautiful, modern conference area, with a large, comfortable, and surprisingly quiet foyer overlooking the casino.  The property includes 9 restaurants and 10 lounges, and a cabaret with live entertainment.  It is also just a 10-minute ride from the Reno airport via the Atlantis’ free airport shuttle.

Reno is located in Northern Nevada, a wonderful area with lots to do both inside and outside of the casinos.  Reno is just 15 miles from the California border, and is a popular weekend vacation destination for Northern California residents.


New Dates, Days, and Options

ISVCon 2013 will be held September 27-29.  The conference will run for 2-1/2 days, Friday through mid-day Sunday.  We’re hoping to attract lots of new faces, given that Reno is within driving distance for San Francisco/Silicon Valley, and we are also planning to do considerable marketing.


Sponsorship Levels

Our existing Sponsorship levels, prices, and benefits received an update this year.  Our Silver Sponsorship is priced at $1299 and includes 2 free conference registrations;  our Gold Sponsorship is priced at $2599 and includes 4 free conference registrations and a free Sponsor Table; while our Platinum Sponsorship is priced at $4999 and includes 8 free conference registrations, and 2 free Sponsor Tables.  All sponsorships include many other benefits, please see our Sponsorship Options page for more information.

Also, we’ve added a new Sponsorship option this year!  Our new “MISV” sponsorship level was added by request, for those industry participants who don’t necessarily want to exhibit, but simply want to attend and show their support for the event.  This new sponsorship level is priced at just $599, and like our other sponsorship levels, it includes a variety of perks and benefits.  See our Sponsorship Options page for more information about this new sponsorship level.


Sponsor Tables Instead of Break Room Booths or Hospitality Suites

You may notice that instead of having “Break Room Booths” or “Hospitality Suites” we now offer the availability of Sponsor Tables.  These Sponsor Tables will be set up in the main foyer/break room area of the conference, which is located directly in the path of the session and lunch rooms… meaning that each and every conference attendee must pass through this area in order to get to any of the presentations, breakfasts, or lunches!  The break room is also where all the snacks and refreshments will be located, so the attendees will congregate there between events and sessions.  The Sponsor Table concept was added by request from previous sponsors, and will include tables and chairs rather than pre-defined “exhibit booth” style areas.  This area will be open for attendees during the entire conference schedule, and will also be part of the Welcome Reception and other special events during the conference.  Sponsor Table spaces are limited, and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.


Your Sponsorship

Your sponsorship of ISVCon will help support this long-standing industry conference, and give you an opportunity to meet with both experienced ISVs and start-ups in a new, exciting, and professional setting.  The sooner you sign up as a sponsor, the sooner your logo/ad box will be displayed on the ISVCon website for visitors to see.  Early sponsorship also helps support the conference financially, and is appreciated.  And, early sponsorship allows you to receive primary placement for your Sponsor Table areas, which have limited availability and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.


Please consider supporting ISVCon with your sponsorship.  To become an ISVCon sponsor, just follow the instructions at our Become a Sponsor page.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to working with you.


Sincerely yours,

Rich Holler
Sponsor Manager, ISVCon


P.S.  Attendee registration is ongoing, so signing up for sponsorship right away will insure that your company logo/ad will be displayed on the ISVCon website as more attendees come to register.

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Marketing Cloud Applications

May 7th, 2013
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Cloud computing for microISVsProspects are learning more and more about cloud computing. Whether you sell software as a service (SaaS) or applications that run on laptops/desktops, tablets, or smartphones, you need to understand how cloud computing is being sold, and how it is being perceived in the software marketplace.

The February 22, 2013 issue of Processor magazine reports that a recent survey from KPMG International revealed that about half of businesses and nonprofits have moved some of their applications to the cloud.

Here’s what these early adopters of cloud computing are finding:

About one third of the people surveyed said that the costs of moving to the cloud were higher than they had planned. This means that whether you’re offering solutions that run locally or in the cloud, you need to weave both the expectations and the realities of cloud computing expenses into your marketing message.

About one third found that they experienced “significant implementation challenges” when moving to the cloud. Again, microISVs need to weave this information into their marketing presentations. If you offer desktop/laptop applications, then tout the control, security, and stability that businesses enjoy when data and programs reside on computers that they control. If you offer SaaS, then explain why moving from the desktop/laptop environment to your cloud-based application won’t be burdensome.

More than one quarter of the people surveyed said that they had experienced significant security-related problems. These problems need to be part of your marketing message, too. If you’re offering SaaS, explain how you’ve already addressed and eliminated the security problems commonly associated with moving to the cloud. If you’re selling desktop/laptop solutions, talk about how safe and secure they are.

Some of the people who took the survey said that they are working on legal and regulatory issues associated with cloud computing. While Processor magazine didn’t go into much detail, there seem to be tax and earnings issues that need to be addressed. Software developers need to monitor all of these cloud-related issues, and weave them into their marketing messages.

Until now, cloud computing was a fresh idea with a handful of hypothetical problems. As more and more businesses move applications to the cloud, the problems will become much more real. Stay on top of the cloud computing movement, and make sure your marketing plan reflects both current perceptions and current realities.

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May 2013 ASPects is Online: Press Releases, Apps for Office 2013

May 1st, 2013
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The May ASPects is available for ASP members now. Al Harberg has explained the first half of his core tips for press release success for microISVs. Danile Heuman talks about getting into Office apps early. And there is industry news, trade events, and more.

ASPects, May 2013ASPects, May 2013
ISVCon Speakers Announced for Reno
by Gianfranco Berardi

I’m in the middle of reading The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander. It’s a short and enjoyable book, filled with anecdotes and practices on living a life of possibility as opposed to one of scarcity…. (page 1)

Trade Show Calendar
ISVCon, September 27-29, 2013 (page 2)

The Sixteen Keys to microISV Press Release Success, Part I
by Al Harberg
You can increase your software sales by sending a well-written press release to editors and bloggers. But emailing a press release that’s badly written won’t get your cash register ringing. In my 29-year career of writing and distributing press releases for software developers, I’ve learned a lot about what the editors are looking for. Here are the most important tips and tricks that I’ve learned…(page 3)

ASP News
2013 budget (pages 4-7)

Apps for Office: A New Frontier
by Daniel Heuman
What made the birth of the iPhone so important for ISVs? A new technology? A new way of accessing the internet? A platform available around the world with apps verified by a tech giant? It was probably a combination of all these factors, so it’s significant that Microsoft has re-created that for Office 2013.
   If you haven’t heard of apps for Office, they’re worth understanding. Built into the Office 2013 ribbon is an option to ‘Insert Apps for Office’. It links directly to the MS Office store where you can download apps… (page 7)

ASP Member News
Jarte – Touchable Alternative in Word Processing (page 8 )
New Book Illuminates Candelas, Lumens, and Lux (page 8 )
Write and Publish Online User Manuals with Manula (page 8 )

News & Press Corner
Amazon Expands Global App Distribution to Nearly 200 Countries (page 10)
Embarcadero Technologies Unveils Multi-Device, True Native App Development Suite (page 10)
FTC Seeks Input on Privacy and Security Implications of the Internet of Things (page 10)
Symantec Internet Security Threat Report Reveals Increase in Cyberespionage (page 11)
AnDevCon $300 Discount Expires Friday, May 10th (page 11)

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