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ISVCon announces seminar information for 2013 software marketing conference

July 22nd, 2013
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isvcon-2013-independent-software-vendor-conferenceThe 2013 Independent Software Vendor Conference (ISVCon), scheduled for September 27-29, 2013 at the Atlantis Casino Resort in Reno, Nevada, has released information about the panel discussions and seminars that will be presented. Designed to deliver the latest marketing ideas to small software development firms, this year’s conference includes:

  • “Sell Software on Facebook” by Nico Westerdale of BitsDuJour – Can independent software vendors (ISVs) make money selling software on Facebook? Yes. More than half of the people in the US have Facebook accounts. Learn practical ways to build your fanbase, and create posts that generate traffic.
  • “Conversations to Create More Customers” by Jessica Dewell of Red Direction – Move more software customers through your company’s sales cycle by changing from reactive conversations (such as answering email inquiries) to proactive conversations (such as listening and starting conversations.)
  • “Growing your ISV business to Multi-Device with Mobile and Mac” by David Interstimone (David I) of Embarcadero – Discover how to increase software sales by supporting a mix of client devices, UI approaches, OS versions, and emerging form factors.
  • “Connected Apps: The New Normal” by Leyla Seka of – Learn to build and deploy connected apps as your software development business evolves from the desktop/laptop world to the cloud and mobile environments.
  • “33 High Tech Business Myths, and How They Can Hurt Your Company” by Gary Elfring of Elfring Fonts Inc. – Gain insights into distinguishing between valid business ideas and the myths, folklore, and misinformation that can hurt your company.
  • “Google AdWords – Winning the War and Making It Work” by Aaron Weiner of Software Promotions – Learn how recent AdWords changes will impact your account’s performance, and how you can overcome any problems.

Other seminar titles include:

  • Practical Roadmap to High Performing Websites
  • Secondary Offer Networks
  • The Cloud for ISVs
  • Avoiding Problems When Hiring and Working with Freelancers

Visit to read about new seminars that will be added during the summer.

Sign up for the conference by September 22 to take advantage of ISVCon’s $820.50(US) registration fee. Registration includes three days of intense education and networking opportunities plus a Thursday evening reception, and break rooms full of snacks and helpful representatives from the conference’s sponsors.

Previously known as the Software Industry Conference (SIC), ISVCon carries on a 22 year tradition of supporting independent software developers’ business and marketing efforts with seminars, presentations, and networking opportunities.

ISVCon is owned and presented by The Association of Software Professionals. Sponsors for ISVCon 2013 include FastSpring, Avangate, Tightrope Interactive, Software Promotions, Greentram Software, and The Association of Software Professionals. Visit for more information about attending ISVCon 2013. Or visit for information about sponsoring the conference.

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Software as Holiday Gifts

July 8th, 2013
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software as holiday giftsSome software developers have experimented with enticing customers to purchase their software as gifts for friends, family members, and business colleagues. Most of these efforts have revolved around the year-end holidays.

Truth is, some microISVs can increase their sales by promoting their applications as gifts for all types of holidays.

Here are some 2010 numbers for US holiday gift spending. The figures were compiled by the National Retail Federation.

  • Winter Holidays – $462 (billion)
  • Mother’s Day – $16.3
  • Valentine’s Day – $15.7
  • Easter – $14.7
  • Father’s Day $9.8
  • Halloween $5.8

    – by Al Harberg, the Software Marketing Blog guy

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July 2013 ASPects Online Now: Windows 8.1, Finding Good Customers, Time Management

July 1st, 2013
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ASPects for July is available now to ASP members. Al Harberg writes about keeping good customers. Gianfranco Berardi manages time in 15-minute blocks. And there’s an early review of the Windows 8.1 Preview for Developers.

ASPects, July 2013

ISVCon News: New Speaker, Reno Events II

by Sue Pichotta
We’re excited to announce the addition of Jessica Dewell as a speaker at ISVCon. Jessica is an internet marketer and experienced conference speaker. She was formerly with Digital River, and before that, RegNow… (page 1)

Trade Show Calendar

ISVCon, September 27-29, 2013 (page 2)

Windows 8.1 Consumer Preview: There’s Still No Start Button

by Jerry Stern

Dateline, June 27th: Today is the second day of Microsoft’s Build conference for developers in San Francisco…

The seminar has been promoted as the launch event for the developer community of Windows 8.1, also known as code name “Windows Blue…”  (page 3)

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Finding Good Software Customers and Firing Bad Ones

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New software developers try to get as many customers as possible. Over time, they realize that customer quality is more important than quantity. Here are some insights on how microISVs can find good software customers, and fire bad ones… (page 7)

Magical Software Adjacencies

by Al Harberg

Retail stores use magic to better merchandise their products and increase their sales. So says Paco Underhill, the author of Why We Buy–The Science of Shopping.

Underhill discusses techniques that managers of retail stores use to grab prospects’ attention. With a little creativity, microISVs can use many of these techniques to sell more software… (page 8 )

Accomplishment, 15 Minutes at a Time

by Gianfranco Berardi

As an entrepreneur, setting your own hours sounds freeing, but depending on your purpose, goals, and motivations, you might find it difficult to get things done… (page 9)


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