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April 2014 ASPects is Available Now–How Will You Support Windows XP for your Software Customers?

May 1st, 2014

, Editor, ASPects

The May ASPects is online, for the members of the Association of Software Professionals.

ASPects, May 2014

ASPects, May 2014
XP Upgrade Notes: Managing the Risks of XP
Will Your Customers Come to You for Software Upgrades?

by Jerry Stern
April 8th, 2014 has passed; Microsoft’s ‘Extended Support’ or ‘security patch services’ are no longer being provided for Windows XP. It’s official. There will be no more new security patches… This is a large pool of computers that will be replaced over the next few years; your software is on some of these machines, and you need to keep existing customers when they’re moving to new hardware… (page 1)

Trade Show Calendar
(page 2)

ASP News
Exclusive Free Extended Trial Offer at Lynda.com (page 3)
ASP Quarterly Budget posted (page 3)

Write Better, and Sell More Software
by Al Harberg
A book review of Words Fail Me – What Everyone Who Writes Should Know About Writing by Patricia T. O’Conner (Published 2000 by Harcourt Brace & Company)
    You’ll sell more software if you improve your writing… (page 5)

Get Great Backlinks from ASP’s Blog
by Al Harberg
ASP members can boost the association’s visibility by posting on ASP’s blog. If the ASP can create a steady flow of information for the software development community; information that will help non-members sell more of their software; then some of these prospects will join the ASP to learn even more. When new members join the ASP, everybody wins… (page 6)

News & Press Corner:
Microsoft showcases latest updates to Windows, opportunities for developers (page 7)
Adobe Report Shows Continued Facebook Ad Business Growth; Dip in Revenue per Visit for Twitter(page 8 )
FTC Notifies Facebook, WhatsApp of Privacy Obligations in Light of Proposed Acquisition (page 9)
Embarcadero Launches RAD Studio XE6 (page 9)

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