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April 2014 ASPects

April 1st, 2014

, Editor, ASPects

The April ASPects is online. Al Harberg writes about how to write a book review, and why, and about the future of the desktop applications market. I have announced the new web site for ISVCon, and gone back-to-basics on product documentation, with writing about passive and active voice. Check out 4th Person (missing…)

ASPects, April 2014

ASPects, April 2014

New Website and New Videos at ISVCon.org
by Jerry Stern
The new website for the ASP’s ISVCon event has been launched at www.isvcon.org.
     The new site is mobile-enabled, has information about the conference, and will serve as the signup for future events, when announced.
     There is a signup process to see the videos; the site will send the link for the 2013 video set on-request… (page 1)

Trade Show Calendar
(page 2)

Help the ASP Attract New Members
by Al Harberg
It’s easy to write a book review that your fellow ASP members will find useful. By following the guidelines below, you can quickly craft a book review of a recently published book that you enjoyed reading… (page 4)

The Future of Desktop Applications for microISVs
by Al Harberg
There’s far too much pessimism about the future of the Windows desktop/laptop software market. Truth is, small independent software vendors (microISVs) have a bright future for designing, programming, and marketing business applications for the Windows desktop/laptop market. Here are some considerations to keep in mind as you’re planning your future software development projects… (page 5)

Passive Voice is the (Missing) 4th Person
Product Documentation Back-to-Basics

by Jerry Stern
Grammar teachers tell us not to write in the passive voice.
     They’re talking about sentences like these, where it’s not announced who the actor is, who did the action; we only know that the object had something done to it.
• The software was installed.
• The button was clicked… (page 7)

ASP Member News
Ransen Software Announces DXFtoHTML Version 2 (page 8)

News & Press Corner:
Microsoft Expands Cloud Services for Mobile Scenarios (page 9)
Marketers Struggling to Reinvent Themselves in Digital Age, Adobe Study Reveals (page 9)
Embarcadero Launches Appmethod, an App Dev Platform to Address Multi-Device Developer Challenges (page 10)
FTC Approves Final Order in Case About Apple Inc. Charging for Kids’ In-App Purchases Without Parental Consent (page 10)

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