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August 2014 ASPects Online Now in the Library

August 1st, 2014

, Editor, ASPects

The August ASPects is in the new ASP library now, in our new ASP forums, which are responsive, mobile-enabled, and SSL-secured. Al Harberg has written about gaining incremental sales and benefiting from competition. Gianfranco Berardi has a book review, of Tracy Fullerton’s Game Design Workshop. These articles are available exclusively for the members of the Association of Software Professionals.

ASPects, August 2014
August 2014, Volume 27, No. 8, Issue #289 (282 Kb)

Introducing the ASP’s Library
by Jerry Stern
Our new myBB discussion forum, at https://www.asp-software.org/mybb has a new forum section, ‘Library’, which will hold all of our online reference materials, historical information, and reference guides. Direct links now work from our forums to the Library. (page 1)

Trade Show Calendar
(page 2)

ASP News
MSDN Free Books Event, 2014 ASP Financial Report Online
(page 3)

The Joys of Competition
by Al Harberg
Before the Internet, a well-capitalized company with a well-known brand name could keep most tiny start-ups from becoming competitive threats. Today, however, small independent software vendors (microISVs) can compete effectively with the largest software developers. Here are some ideas about dealing with your software competitors…. (page 3)

Book Review: Game Design Workshop
by Gianfranco Berardi
Tracy Fullerton teaches game design with a “playcentric approach”. What is a playcentric approach? She describes it as an iterative design process with player experience goals. Her
book, Game Design Workshop, 3rd Edition, teaches the reader how games work, demonstrates how to design a new game through prototypes and playtesting, and finally explains how the game designer role fits into the larger industry…. (page 5)

Moving the Sales Needle
by Al Harberg
To succeed in business, all you need is a steady series of small, incremental changes to your products and services… (page 6)

ASP Member News
Bits & Coffee releases BatchPhoto 4.0
FlashPeak Inc, announces Slimjet Browser
DataNumer’s Outlook Repair v. 5.1 (page 8 )

News & Press Corner
Department of Justice Provides Update on GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker Disruption (page 8 )

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