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ISVCon 2013 Preview: Secondary Offer Networks by Mark Marrocco

September 21st, 2013

ISVCon 2013 is next week. Have you registered yet at http://www.ISVCon.org?

Below is a preview of Mark Marrocco’s session on Secondary Offer Networks, just one of the presentations filled with actionable information for software business owners at ISVCon 2013 in Reno, Nevada from September 27 – 29.

Leveraging Secondary Offer Networks to Generate More Revenue

Are you a software developer looking to generate additional revenue from each installation of your product? A proprietor of a single or multi-titled software distribution site? A successful software marketer looking for additional distribution channels? If so, don’t miss the opportunity to learn how Secondary Offer Networks can dramatically effect the amount of revenue you realize per install as well as amplify the quality and quantity of downloads you drive. Where can you collect these priceless pearls of wisdom? At this year’s ISVCon show of course!

Join Mark Marrocco, President and Founder of WebInstall, for an explanation and concise description of what Secondary Network Offers are, how you can use them to generate more money from every installation of your product(s), who the Secondary Offer Network players are and how to evaluate/select one that will best suit your needs.

What is a Secondary Offer Network you ask? Put simply, a Secondary Offer Network is an install manager that presents additional, opt-in, advertiser offers to users during the installation process. Revenue generated from resulting installations of advertiser products is shared with the developer/publisher/marketer according to an agreed upon rev-share percentage. Simple, right? On the surface, yes. But there are many things that go into maximizing revenue from each user that passes through your installer. Where is the user located? What OS are they running? Do they already have certain advertiser products installed? These and other conditions can be managed effectively by a Secondary Offer Network partner to insure you generate the highest revenue possible from each and every install you drive.

Right about now you might be wondering just how much money can be made per install managed by a Secondary Offer Network? The answer…it depends. Among other things, it depends on how effectively your Secondary Offer Network partner’s technology can target users, identify certain aspects of their condition, and optimize offer presentation for maximum yield. Oh…let’s also mention the global coverage of and the rate per install your Secondary Offer Network partner is able to negotiate with advertising clients as these too play a big role in the overall Revenue-per-Install (RPI) that is generated.

In 2008, early players on the Secondary Offer Network scene included InstallIQ and DownloadAdmin (an earlier brand of WebInstall). Over the past couple years however, the number of Secondary Offer Networks (a.k.a. Cloud Installers, Download Monetization Networks/Platforms, Bundle Managers, etc.) has exploded. In addition to no less than a dozen independent Secondary Offer Network companies in operation, large ad networks and toolbar companies have also entered the fray with their own offerings.

With all these players, how do you decide which partner is best for you? Ultimately, the answer is simple. Test. Test. Test. Sounds a little daunting with over a dozen potential partners out there, huh? I agree. You can do some weeding of potential partners by asking for key installer performance metrics like average RPI, offer screen accept rates and installation success rates. You may also inquire about installer customization options, whether they provide access to online stats (and what those stats include) and if they offer creative development services (for installer skins and offer screens) at no charge.

The above information only touches on a fraction of what you’ll learn at the Secondary Offer Networks session at this year’s ISVCon. Secondary Offer Networks can radically transform how you monetize and market your downloadable products. Don’t miss your opportunity to find out how Sat. Sept. 28th from 4-5pm in the Paradise D room.

Check out the full session description at http://www.isvcon.org/sessions.php. Have a great ISVCon ’13!


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