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IT Spending Reaches $8,000(US) per User

September 20th, 2013

IT spending and budgets for microISVsIT spending is growing, and IT managers are confident that they’ll be increasing their operational budgets in the coming year. So says the annual Computer Economics “IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks” study, as published in a recent issue of Processor Magazine.

Only twenty percent of IT managers expect to see their operational budgets reduced in the coming year. More than three times that number say that their budgets will be going up.

The average IT spending is $8,000(US) per end user. Most of that money, of course, is spent on salaries, taxes, and benefits as well as office space, utilities, and hardware. Only a tiny fraction is spent on buying Windows utilities and business applications for office workers.

If you’re trying to sell multi-user and site licenses to corporations, nonprofits, and other large enterprises, it might not hurt to point out what a tiny dent your software would have on the prospect’s IT budget.

    – by Al Harberg, the Software Marketing Blog guy

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