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Phablets on the Rise

June 19th, 2014

phabletsJuniper Research reports that phablets will probably have a major growth spurt in the coming years. They estimate that more than 120 million phablets will ship by 2018 (compared with 20 million phablets shipped in 2013.)

What are phablets? They’re mobile devices that are larger than smartphones and smaller than tablet computers. They weren’t widely embraced by mobile device buyers when they became available a few years ago – especially in Europe and America. But they’re catching on in eastern Asia.

Wikipedia describes the history of phablets. Players in the phablet market include Nokia, Verizon, LG, Dell, Acer, and Samsung.

What do software developers need to know about phablets? Your websites have to be easy to read on smartphones, tablets, and phablets (whose diagonal screen sizes are typically larger than 5 inches and smaller than 7 inches.)

Don’t neglect this segment of the mobile marketplace. It’s growing.

– by Al Harberg, the Software Marketing Blog guy

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