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November 2014 ASPects: Responsive Design, Millenials and Software Sales

November 1st, 2014

, Editor, ASPects

In the November 2014 ASPects, there are articles about responsive design, selling to millenials, and more ways of selling your software than you’ve ever though of. It’s time for the ASP’s annual meeting. This issue of ASPects is exclusively for members of the Association of Software Professionals.

November 2014 ASPectsContents, November 2014 ASPects

Go Online for the Annual Meeting
by Jerry Stern
First, a reminder, from last month’s official notice of the Annual Membership Meeting:…
…The Annual Membership Meeting of the Association of Software Professionals will begin with a discussion period on Monday November 24, 2014…
(page 1)

Director Nominees’ Statements for 2015

Ed Pulliam (page 1)
Howard Sobel (page 3)

Trade Show Calendar
(page 2)

I’ve Tried Everything to Sell My Software

by Al Harberg
Most software developers believe that they’ve tried every sales method available to increase their sales. Truth is, few microISVs have tried more than a couple of ways to sell more software.
Here is a checklist of the ways that you might explore to make your profits soar… (page 4)

Everything Old is New Again: New Responsive Design Choices
by Jerry Stern
Responsive behavior for web sites isn’t just about the width of the screen There’s much more, and if your target audience tends towards mobile devices, you should be allowing them to surf your site while they’re using their favorite devices. Starting next year, mobile device surfing the web will outnumber desktops and notebooks–design your mobile view first, and then decide how to enhance the content for larger screens… (page 5)

Book Review: Marketing to Millennials
by Jeff Fromm and Christie Garton
by Al Harberg
Millennials spend about $200 billion annually in the US. In addition, the authors argue that Millennials influence another $500 billion in spending because of their impact on their older family members, friends, and colleagues. Fromm and Garton believe that Millennials exert a lot more power and influence on society than any other demographic group… (page 6)

ASP Member News
Digital River Announces Agreement to be Acquired by Investor Group Led by Siris Capital Group (page 8)

News & Press Corner
Embarcadero Technologies makes it easy to develop
Apps for Internet of Things Wearables (page 8)

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