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Some Tips for Writing Blog Postings

October 22nd, 2014

When Hank Nuwer wrote the book “How to Write like an Expert about Anything – Bring Factual Accuracy and the Voice of Authority to Your Writing” in 1995, I doubt that he was thinking about helping microISVs with their blog postings. But his ideas can help you craft better, more effective blog write-ups. And that can generate more search engine traffic and more software sales.

Good articles feature good writing, not gimmicks or sensationalism. Don’t overwrite, Nuwer tells us. You don’t need to embellish your writing, or try to make it fancy.

It takes time to develop your style, and to learn to write in an effective, relaxed way. Be patient.

Nuwer recommends that you not work too hard on your writing. If you turn it into work, you’ll lose the fun of writing.

As somebody who writes a lot, I can tell you that it really is fun. If you’re not having fun with your writing, you need to write more, not less. Writing becomes easier – and more enjoyable – with practice.

– by Al Harberg, the Software Marketing Blog guy

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